Who can recycle electronic with our company?

We accept electronics from all business, schools, governments, residential customers, and more.

What products do we accept?

We accept all electronics: Computers,Laptops,Computer Peripherals, DVD’s/VCR’s,Cell Phones,Stereo Components,Microwaves,TV’s,Consoles,Monitors,Big Screens,Printers,Copiers,and more!

We also take metals and appliances

What locations do we cover

We cover all of  Wisconsin and beyond!

What are our fees?

Please see  what we take page for pricing  details.

Where can I drop my electronic waste off at?

307 Veterans Drive Reedsburg, WI 53959

Do we offer pick-ups?

Yes, we will pick-up for any customer.  Some additional charges may apply.  Please call Dave at 608-213-8629 for questions.

Are we registered with the State?

We are registered with the Wisconsin DNR, and are considered a collecter for the states E-Cycle program.  We are listed on the DNR website.  We are also a DNR registered safe hauler for appliances.

What happens to my Hard Drive?

All hard drives are sanatized to Department of Defense standards or shredded in a commercial shredder and the disks are destroyed.  You will never have to worry about your personal information being found. EVER! 

Where do the materials go after we collect them?

All materials are taken to local Recyclers  for further recycling.  All materials are recycled with a zero landfill policy.  No materials are sent to undeveloped countries.  Our recyclers are certified to both ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards.